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Tweed A-Line Dress & Jacket Worn by Donna on "Batman"

$ 5,000.00

"In my closing scene at Wayne Manor, saying my farewells to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson,  I chose a mustard tweed A-line dress and jacket from my personal wardrobe. All my wardrobe, except for the cheerleader outfit, was mine. You know, I loved choosing my own wardrobe in all my work as my career progressed. And the production staff always trusted my choices! I also did my own hair and make-up in every scene.
This particular ensemble has stood the test of time; even the original zipper works!
‘She’ has spent the past few years on display in a glass case at the Hollywood Museum in the Batman Exhibit. Now ‘She’ can be yours❤️"
Batman Episodes:
"The Joker Goes To School" (3/2/1966)
"He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul" (3/3/1966)
Letter of Authentication included with purchase.
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