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"Love It Away" Autographed 3-Panel CD

$ 15.00

13th Anniversary of the release of "Love It Away"

Donna Loren’s 2010 musical endeavor includes a tasty selection of original compositions along with classic rock standards like Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”, Neil Young’s “Old Man” and Randy Newman’s “Last Night I Had a Dream”. This is a very personal story-telling through music and it illustrates the woman Donna has now become. “The little girl with a big voice” has matured since her efforts as a recording artist for Capitol and Reprise in the sixties. She expresses herself now, not only through singing, but songwriting and music production as well. She even adds a bit of her own musicality on keyboard and percussion. Other collaborators include legendary “Wrecking Crew” bassist Carol Kaye, (they worked together on many of her records in the sixties) and celebrity bassist, Bob Glaub, who literally took time off from a world tour with Crosby, Stills and Nash to add his beautiful sounds. On keyboard you’ll hear a young musician, Jamieson Trotter; truly a treasure. Living in Hawaii has not limited her ability to record. There’s a world-class studio nearby run by Grammy-winner Charles Michael Brotman. And, Skype technology allowed Donna to work from Hawaii and also continue to produce at Maurice Gainen’s Los Angeles studio. A twist of fate united Donna with famed photographer Mark Arbeit where, at her home and world-renowned Mauna Kea beach, he captured her essence in the sensual photos used for this exquisite album. Produced by Donna Loren.

Autographed by Donna Loren. If you would like a short personal inscription or if you prefer no autograph at all, please include in the "Add special instructions for your order" section. If there are no instructions in the order, the item will be autographed only.

Download Songs from the Album Here

Track Listing:

Last Night I Had A Dream
Shakin' All Over
Love It Away
Only Love
Be Your Best Friend
We Are Woman
Live Nude Cabaret
Don't Bring Me Down
Old Man
Still Love You
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Satisfied Mind
Bonus Track: Love It Away (Remix)



Donna Loren is alive and well and back in the studio again. Last year she returned with her first album of newly recorded material in decades.Love It Away combined eight original compositions with seven cover songs. The production is crisp and her vocals remain clear and strong as she has what best can be described as a pure pop voice. The packaging contains the lyrics to the songs which is always appreciated, plus there are some nice pictures included as well.  The surprising aspect of the album is provided by Donna Loren, the songwriter. I had not thought of her in that context but the songs are melodic and contain some personal and introspective lyrics. Songs such as Only Love, We Are Women, OK,and the title track are all worth a listen."  -David Bowling, April 18, 2011, BlogCritics.com


"Love It Away is music to listen to while in the car, at home, while you are alone sitting underneath a tree on a hot summer’s day. This is music to remember how to love life and cherish every breath you take. An artist like Donna Loren brings back the innocence of another time while reminding us that living today can still be enjoyable and entertaining while listening to music and bringing out those memories from the attic in your mind, blowing off the dust and reliving every moment once again." 4/5 Stars  (Read More)   -Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, June 8, 2010 ©MuzikReviews.com


"This confessional work is reminiscent of great concept albums like Jackson Browne’s The Pretender (her haunting interpretation ofBrowne's Live Nude Cabaret done brilliantly here) or the heartbreaking sentiments present on Brian Wilson's masterwork Pet Sounds from 1966, when Donna was winning our hearts  singing on tv's best rock show, Shindig, playing Susie to The Joker on Batman, or singing in the beach party movies. Donna has opened her heart to us and shows her vulnerability as well as her strengths. Listen to her cover of Neil Young's Old Man and her original compositions Only Love, OK and the title track Love It Away."  -Hal Lifson, Entertainment Journalist

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