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"MAGIC - The 80's Collection" Enhanced CD with Bonus Video

$ 15.00

The Best of Donna's 80's recordings!  Includes Bonus Video of Rare Tokyo Performance of "Hard To Believe" 

The early eighties proved to be an exploratory period for Donna’s music. After her retirement in 1968, she fully devoted herself to being a wife and mother of three children. In 1980, she developed a rapport with pianist John Thomas and legendary guitarist James Burton, to produce a plethora of songs over a two year span. Most of the music was recorded at Amigo Studios in Burbank, California. Two of the songs, Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Somewhere Down the Road were released by Warner Bros Records in 1982. She performed the latter on the Merv Griffin Show in 1984 and in February, 1985 she performed Hard to Believe in Tokyo at an International Ballroom Dancing event; that performance is included as a bonus on this CD**.  Sedona and Simply Loving You were released in 1982 on Donna's own Royalty Records label. All of the other tracks and the Bonus Video have never before been seen or heard by the public. On Sedona, James Burton, whom Donna worked with since childhood, orchestrated a reunion of his former Elvis band to play back-up: Ronnie Tutt on drums, Jerry Scheff on bass, Glen D. Hardin on piano, himself on guitar and special guest Chris Hillman (Flying Burrito Bros) on mandolin. Wishin’ and Hopin’ was recorded in Nashville with musicians David Hungate (Toto) on guitar and John Thomas on piano. A host of other musicians organized by either David or John have contributed to this gem.

**Enhanced CD includes Bonus Live Performance Video of Donna Loren performing"Hard to Believe" at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (1985)
**Enhanced CD: An Enhanced CD is an audio CD that includes CD-ROM data such as video, photos and more.  In an audio player, an E-CD simply plays music. But on a PC or Mac, it launches the additional content.

Autographed by Donna Loren. If you would like a short personal inscription or if you prefer no autograph at all, please include in the "Add special instructions for your order" section. If there are no instructions in the order, the CD will be autographed only.



Track Listing:
Could This Be Magic Produced by Donna Loren, James Burton and Mitchel Delevie
Thinkin’ Of You Written and produced by Donna Loren 
Wishin’ and Hopin’  Written by Bacharach/David    Produced by Jimmy Bowen & Donna Loren
Hard To Believe  Written by B. Hyde/J. Abelson   Produced by Randy Stern
Sedona  Wriiten by Donna Loren   Produced by Donna Loren and James Burton
Simply Loving You  Written by Donna Loren   Produced by Mitchel Delevie  
Somewhere Down The Road  Written by C. Weil /T. Snow   Produced by D. Loren & N. DeCaro
Eulogy of a Marriage  Written and produced by Donna Loren

U Speak 2 Me Written and produced by Donna Loren

Real Morning Kisses  Written and produced by Donna Loren

Could This Be Magic (unplugged)  Produced by Mitchel Delevie


"With absolute regal poise and grace Donna Loren delivers a completely soulful and heart warming musical offering. Having started working those vocal chords at the ripe age of 5, it’s no wonder she can powerhouse her way into our hearts with exceptional ease and prowess. Donna Loren has compiled a starlit past with numerous television appearances and movie roles under her belt and has once again entered the music world with a wonderful outing of pop/country meshed with a ton of soul. A truly enjoyable experience from song to song Donna brings all of her passion leaving it all on the table for us to wrap and immerse ourselves in her world of love and hope. Donna’s latest album is a mixture of her earlier recordings with her newer efforts and although the flavors of this latest release by Donna Loren are painted with the airs of an earlier era there is enough punch and musical grit here to bring in some of our modern day country/pop music lovers into the fray… herein lies the roots of pop and country music passion.Great production and a flawlessly effortless vocal montage will have music lovers of all genres humming along and appreciating these timeless gems of musical grace."

-The Music Biz Buzz with Duss Rodgers, Jan 5, 2010


"It has always perplexed me that Donna Loren did not become a star but such is life in the music field. She is best remembered for appearing in four films with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. She sang a song in Beach Blanket Bingo, Bikini Beach, Muscle Beach Party, and Pajama Party but I don’t think she ever had a line of dialogue. She would go on to perform on Shindig and appear in such television shows as Dr. Kildare, Batman, and The Monkees but would gradually fade from the public eye. Through the early eighties she was married to the president of Warner Brothers Records. This gave her a lot of free time in their recording studios. She would record every month or so and surrounded herself with such musicians as John Thomas and the legendary James Burton. Several of the tracks were released over the years and others have just sat gathering dust. Just the presence of James Burton should generate interest. He is one of the best guitarists alive and is still remembered for leading bands for Rick Nelson (1958-1967), Elvis Presley (1969-1977), and John Denver (1978-1994). Donna Loren has now gathered these 80s recordings and released them under the title Magic: The 80’s Collection. It is a mixed affair of styles mainly do to the intermittent recording schedule. Through it all, however, Donna Loren proves she has a a powerful and formidable voice. The albums two best tracks are truly mismatched. Her rendition of the old war horse “Wishin’ and Hopin” is a nice slice of early eighties pop. The real gem is her self penned “Sedona.” James Burton re-assembled some of his old Elvis band mates for this country tune. Drummer Ronnie Tutt, bassist Jerry Scheff, and piano player Glen D. Hardin back her on this sophisticated song which I believe could still be a hit. While there are a few misses and some eighties excess, several other songs also stand out. “Could This Be Magic” is catchy but would have been better served to not have so many instruments yet it still contains a superior vocal. “Somewhere Down The Road” is a good vehicle for her to strut her vocal prowess. Magic: The 80’s Collection is a nice look at an under rated and long lost artist. It was released in 2009 and provided the impetus for her return to the studio to record a new album titled Love It Away. Welcome back Donna Loren!"

-David Bowling March 3, 2010







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